• Badminton racket Apacs Ferocious Lite

Badminton racket Apacs Ferocious Lite

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The Apacs Ferocious Lite Badminton Racket is specially designed and developed with the new "Hexagon Throat" design which increases the Speed of the swing and extra damping function, overall improve execution with Power and more Control.

·         It is also built with the unique shaft construction which tapers down at the top of the cap (thicker diameter) to the T-Joint (slimmer diameter). This design raises the flex point of the shaft higher up towards the head, it gives the racquet greater power and a more precise shot.

·         This racket is made from IPN High-Modulus Graphite  (Inter Penetration Networks) that combines the high modulus and high temperature properties of the engineering thermoplastic with the improved tribological properties. This material offers a smooth surface quality and high mechanical performance.

·         With its super light body, it enables you to move the racket swiftly like a sword and to deliver a very clean and sharp execution.

·         The racket has a medium flex shaft that delivers more power even for beginners, as it will have a kind of sling shot effect.

·         Due to its light weight, Ferocious racket is an extremely fast racket and is developed to suit players who wants more SPEED.

     Includes a full-fledged thermal cover

Balance, мм: 292 (Slight Head Heavy)
Max Tension, Lbs: 30 (13.6 Kg)
Frame Material: Japan Graphite
Shaft Material: Japan Graphite
Weight, gr: 79
Rigidity: Medium Flex

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