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Stringing machines Siboasi S3169
Professional electronic machine for stretching TOP-level rackets.
Key benefits:
• tension accuracy +/- 0.1 lb
• new redesigned automatic clamping system
• synchronous clamping system
• one-touch prepared stand for tennis and badminton rackets.
• Micro-computer for precise exposure and force control
• Self-monitoring system
• Four sets in memory
• Three speeds of string tension
• Precise force setting from 10 to 90 pounds
• Sound alert features
• Multilingual display
• String break prevention function
• Auto-start and quick close for linear grip of strings helps to quickly stretch and protect the string.
• Electronic constant tension system
• Menu with kilogram / lbs conversion function
• Patented racket clamping system.
Weight 40 kg
Size 95x44x109 cm
Powered by a 110-240V network
Black colour
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