For our environment

VICTOR International makes an important contribution to environmental compatibility and sustainability!

VICTOR International steadily monitors its working conditions using the most modern methods. VICTOR Rackets LTD in Nanjing has its own production plant and engineers, maintains a fair work schedule, evacuation routes, air-conditioned rooms and modern working conditions similar to those used in Western industrial countries and are the standard for VICTOR.

In addition to thorough internal control and testing, VICTOR also collaborates in the field of sensitive products with HanseControl.

Sensitive or new products are thoroughly tested.

Subcontractors need to maintain BSCI standards (fair working / environmental conditions) or take tests conducted by SGS, TV Rheinland or similar testing institutes.

Environmental sustainability is another topic that VICTOR International takes very seriously.

This includes not only the manufacturing process itself and the finished goods (for example, non-toxicity and good tolerance by human skin).

At the same time, VICTOR International is launching a 100% organic cotton product line that complies with the International Organic Textile Standard.

Therefore, it is not surprising, given the high standards of VICTOR, that the top-class athletes whom we support are happy to use and promote VICTOR International products.

VICTOR has been the fastest growing company in the world for several years.

This could only happen thanks to the confidence of supporters, athletes, customers in our quality and philosophy.